1. Redactions from Personal Journal
  2. Omniscience Beta
  3. Journal 2008
  4. Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen
  5. Mandate
  6. Goals
  7. Search Queries
  8. Ascension
  9. Portal
  10. Proximity
  11. Infomercial Rainbow
  12. Speed Run
  13. Demolition
  14. Virtual Self Esteem
  15. Conversations with a Computer
  16. Building a More Meaningful Existence
  17. Intervention
  18. Court
  19. Born To Run
  20. You Are Here
  21. Empty City

  22. Ongoing
  23. Departure
  24. Disconnect
  25. Miscellaneous

For this project I used a graphics editor built into an early arcade game to convert spam emails I had recieved into a virtual landscape. By reconfiguring the graphics editor interface to accept keystrokes as input, I was able to build these landscapes solely by transcribing spam messages and compiling them. For this piece I specifically chose spam messages that promised me a more meaningful life, increased happiness, and a greater sense of self-worth.